In 2007, the Archives Cell came into effect when a mandate was passed to collect, catalogue and preserve all documents, images and other articles of relevance to the Institute.

In 2008, it was renamed Archives and Publications Cell (APC) when its function expanded to include publication activities – coordination and facilitation – through the IISc Press.

In 2019, APC evolved into what is now the Office of Communications (OoC) which is now the single point of contact for all communications related to the Institute.

Some initiatives under OoC are:

  • Publications: OoC undertakes writing, editing and proof-reading of diverse content, from bringing out a monthly research digest (Kernel), to a quarterly magazine (Connect) focusing on stories of research and campus life, to disseminating news related to recent research (Press Releases), to copy editing and proofing Annual Reports, brochures and pamphlets for various departments within the Institute. OoC also has a publishing wing – IISc Press – which brings out research monographs, lecture notes, popular science books, the Journal of the Indian Institute of Science, and many other publications.
  • Archives: The IISc Archives collects and maintains material related to the Institute and its history.
  • Outreach: Some of the outreach activities include providing news outlets with updates on the latest research and developments at the Institute, organising regular webinars that are open for all who have a keen inclination towards science and exhibitions about people and events associated with IISc. OoC is also responsible for various science communication efforts, including managing IISc’s social media and organising science writing internships and workshops.
  • Online Store: The store sells gift items like themed picture postcard sets, stationery and mugs with IISc logo, and so on.

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